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Philosophy of Omkar Mission

  • God is the universal Truth and is above all paths and sects
  • Everyone has the right to get Spiritual Knowledge and to Experience God
  • We are all part of the God, there should not be any restrictions to realize God
  • There is divine energy within our body (kund), called as Kundalini energy
  • We use 2-3% of this energy, rest is underutilized or in dormant state.
  • Spirituality is nothing but to activate and develop this dormant energy
  • Its not like that the Spirituality was possible in old age only and is not practical today.
  • Spirituality was there in past, can be practiced and experienced today and will remain in future also
  • The Truth Seekers were there in past, are in present and will be there in future also
  • We can’t reject the Truth which is lying within us in the form of Life Energy.
  • We can realize the divine energy only when the mind and intellect fades away.
  • This self realization is only within our body and not outside of our body.
  • The spiritual energy which was within Ram, Krishna, Buddha, Mahavira, Nanak, Jesus, Mohammed, Zarathustra is also within us, they realized it and became super humans.
  • If we activate and develop this energy under the guidance of God realized Sad-guru, we can achieve anything in this world.
  • Nothing is impossible.