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Meditation with the Speed of Light

My spiritual master had already enlightened me. Enlightenment means self-realisation. He told me that, the whole world is searching for the Truth and you are that truth. Soul is the internal energy and the God is the universal energy. To realise universal energy with the help of our internal energy, my guru had taught me the unique meditation practice at the speed of light. Speed of the light is 186282 miles per second.

I was practicing at such a fast speed. I was studying in Class VI at that time. After my school and tuition, I used to visit Omkar Meditation Centre at Shaneshwar Sansthan (Shani Mandir), Dombivli to practice meditation session. There used to be lots of other people gathered for meditation. My Guru used to monitor my spiritual growth.

One day he asked me to sit close to his seat for meditation. I sat down near him. He taught me some spiritual actions to be performed while meditating. I started meditating by concentrating on Ajna Chakra which is between two eyebrows. After some time, I began to see dhyana bindu in ajnacakra. I concentrated on dhyana bindu and began practicing meditation at the speed of light, it was the highest speed of meditation. While travelling at this great speed I reached at certain point, it was so subtle point that I could not pass from within it. I tried to go beyond that point by putting all my spiritual strength at stake, but I did not pass through it. My Guru came to my help, he told me that, there is a natural valve in the Ajna Chakra which remains closed, and no one can open and pass through this valve by his own efforts or by any yoga practice. Without the blessings of Guru no one can travel further.

The Spiritual master who can give experience of universal energy by directly imparting it by transferring his own powers to the disciples, can only help to open the valve in the Ajna chakra. Please listen carefully to me, you cannot open this valve by just meditating on it, you have to awaken the kundalini energy, when kundalini energy enters Ajna chakra, recite celestial sound in upward direction. As per guidance from my guru I started reciting celestial sound in upward direction. After some time, a serpent power started raising from muladhar chakra, started penetrating through each in-between chakras towards Ajna chakra. She entered into Ajna chakra. The divine sound SO HAM, SO HAM, SO HAM filled entire Ajna chakra and in the next moment the Ajna chakra valve was opened. There I saw a shining spiritual flame, I focussed my attention on the flame.

I ride on the speed of light, I started practicing at a very fast speed. I saw various colours like Black, red, blue, white and various chakras appearing in my meditation. It was a very long session of practice. I was still meditating, was dashing into vast vacuum of mind at the speed of light. Suddenly I saw a very bright luminous cave, I was about to enter that cave reciting the divine sound ‘SO HAM, SO HAM, SO HAM’, I heard a thundering voice, Stop! Stop meditation!! I somehow tried to control the situation as it was very difficult to stop at that higher speed, it was like a rocket travelling at its highest speed and if we stop it suddenly, what will happen to the rocket, I was in a similar situation. But my guru helped me to come out of that situation.

After few minutes I became normal. My guru said that this is the final stage of the meditation at the speed of light. Henceforth speed of light may not be sufficient. Meditation with the speed of mind is much faster than speed of light. Without the help of speed of mind you cannot travel next stage. The bright luminous cave you saw in the meditation is called as Bhramar Gumpha. Meditation with the speed of light is not sufficient to cross the Bhramar Gumpha. Only he who can meditate with the speed of mind can reach the main grand gate called as Brahma randhra. And only he can experience the true nature of the universe, the bright luminous energy, typically known as Pandurang. You can also experience the Truth but for that you have to increase your concentration and mental strength. Keep practicing this technique all the time in all your routine activities, just keep reminding yourself SO HAM, SO HAM, SO HAM. I AM THAT, I AM THAT, I AM THAT.