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Meditation with the Speed of Mind

I was studying in Class VII. After completing my school and class studies I used to visit Omkar Meditation Centre Shaneshwar Sansthan for daily meditation. But today being Kartiki Ekadashi no one was there for meditation, might be everyone gone to Pandharpur to have darshan of Lord Pandurang. I asked my Guru, why he did not went to Pandharpur being devotee of Lord Vitthal? He answered that, I do not need to go to Pandharpur to meet my Pandurang. Because my Pandurang is within me only.

The disciple who dedicatedly serve his master and practice meditation as per master’s instructions, pleases his master and then he realises Lord Pandurang within himself. I may explain you the truth many times but you cannot understand the truth by just listening it, it will be added to your information only. What do you want information or experience? I said I want the experience. My Guru said, you have just crossed the last stage of meditation with the speed of light. If you learn how to meditate with the speed of mind then you can too achieve this divine experience.

Speed ​​of Light is a 1, 86,286 miles/second. But there is no limit to the speed of mind. Today I will teach you the technique to enter the main grand gate known as brahma randhra with the help of speed of mind. When you was meditating at the speed of light, you saw a bright luminous cave, Bhramar Gumpha it is actually the brahma randhra. You have reached up to this Bhramar Gumpha means Brahma randhra. There is the main grand gate in the Bhramar Gumpha. If you can enter into this grand gate then you will experience the Pandurang. Do you want to experience? Then sit closer to me for meditation. I sat down to meditate in front of my guru.

I was breathing very slowly. After some time a serpent power started ascending from my back. My entire body was filled with electric energy. The ascending power reached Ajna chakra by penetrating through all the chakras in between. Dhyanaa bindu started glowing. I concentrated on dhyana bindu and within some seconds I was travelling with the speed of light. I was meditating with highest possible speed. I crossed different spots of lights with different colours like black, red, blue, white, yellow. Wheels of lights were appearing. I was still meditating. After some time the path disappeared. I realised that this is the last stage of the meditation with the speed of light.

I was not aware about how to do the meditation with the speed of mind, I remembered my guru and in next moment a mighty hand fell on my head, immediately the huge universal energy flow merged with my internal energy. My mind got connected with universal mind. Mind to mind dialogue started. The divine unknown knowledge which cannot be described, cannot be expressed started entering into my whole being. I was in that state of mediation for quite a long time. I felt that my mind is emptying, and as soon as my mind was emptied, I entered into main grand gate. Celestial music was playing continuously, Kundalini energy was at her vibrant nature, she was eager to unite with the Lord Shiva, she leaped forward in direction towards brahma randhra.

Shiva and Shakti united. A lustrous white spiritual flame was shining from muladhar chakra to brahma randhra. My material body, part of five basic elements started glowing in the bright white light. This bright white light was everywhere, inside and outside. I was completely immersed in the bright white light. I was watching the bright white light with awe. I was in bliss, tears started rolling down my eyes, sometimes I was crying, sometimes I was laughing, started dancing, I started screaming pandhur rang, pandhur rang, pandhur rang, Pandurang, Pandurang, Pandurang.

I was experiencing the bright white universal energy. Tears were rolling down the eyes. The formless and colourless was appeared with the form and colours. From the core of the atom to the mighty galaxies there was only one bright white colour only one colour was there and it was bright white colour only. This ecstasy lasted for long time, I was dancing madly, I was smiling, I was crying Pandurang, Pandurang, and Pandurang. I finally fell unconscious. After some time I became normal. My guru was sitting by my side. He said, due to presence of mind the outer material world manifests. When our mind dissolves, then we realise the universal energy in the form of bright white light which is the basis of this entire cosmos.

All our seers experienced this same bright white light in their highest stage of meditation. They in their ecstasy were laughing, crying and dancing with Pandurang, Pandurang, and Pandurang. Today is Kartiki Ekadashi. Today on this auspicious day you have holy darshan of Lord Pandurang, you are very fortunate. The peak of spirituality you have attained just now is not known to the yogis meditating in the feet’s of the Himalaya. You have crossed the last stage of meditation with the speed of mind. You have experienced thoughtless state of mind. You have holy darshan of Lord Pandurang.

I was listening to my Guru. I was still experiencing the bright white light which I saw in my meditation, the whole surrounding was filled with the divine aroma, and still I was feeling that ecstasy. What I have experienced was beyond my concepts and ideas. It was beyond my knowledge, because I was very young to understand it, as I was just twelve years old. At the age of twelve I have reached the pinnacle of spirituality with the grace of my spiritual master.

|| Om Tat Sat, Om Tat Sat, Om Tat Sat ||