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Omkar SirOmkar Mission was established by Philosopher Omkar. Primary mission of this organization is to impart the Original Divine Knowledge to the truth seekers by the scientific way of Kundalini Shaktipaat.

Philosopher Omkar was born in Dombivli. He realized His divine powers from very childhood. At the age of 10, He used to see Dhyan Bindu (spiritual flame) and was experiencing spiritual bliss in trance. His childhood hobby was to read lots of religious and spiritual books and to meditate for long hours. Spiritual knowledge started flowing in the form of Devotional Poetry (Abhahng and Dohe) as fluently as Sant Dnyaneshwar and Sant Kabir. He composed these poems in a book called ‘Omkar Gatha’. When He was 17 years old and was studying in a college, He published His first book on secrets of devotion ‘Bhakti Rahasya’ at Rahuri Krushi Vidyapith, District Nagar in Maharashtra. His lectures on Science and Spirituality are published in his second Marathi book ‘Vidnyanatun Adhyatmakade’ when He was still studying in BA.

In a very young age He was approached by the imminent persons of the society like industrialist, Engineers and Doctors to know about spirituality. When He observed that just discussions and lectures are not helping to spread divine knowledge, He started transferring the divine knowledge by Shaktipaat and thousands were able to realize and experience the Kundalini energy within them by very scientific method. He is one of those few masters who can transfer the divine energy to the disciples by Kundalini Shaktipaat process and this yoga is known as Akshar Brahma Shaktipaat Yoga. To spread this divine knowledge He established Omkar Mission organisation in Dombivli.

After completing His Master’s degree in Philosophy, He started His own construction business and within span of 5 years He reached zenith of His professional career and today He is very successful businessman.

Ten years ago Philosopher Omkar started a small meditation center which is now blossomed into large banyan tree of Omkar Mission. People from all fields are shaping their future in Omkar Mission. A full team of computer professionals are working with us. We don’t know whether heaven is there or not before death, but we can convert our home into heaven and can enjoy heavenly bliss right now.