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Dashing Spirituality

A talk delivered by Gururaj Omkar Maharaj in Omkar meditation centre on ‘Dashing Spirituality’.

From the birth of planet earth no one had seen God. Priests of all religions just promises us to show us God. You have seen God in the forms like the one who held Trishul or bow and arrow in hands but the real God is not in the names and forms, God is formless and beyond all attributes. Modern science had proved that the entire universe is filled with the cosmic energy, but modern science is also unaware of exact nature of this energy.

Our mind is very limited by its own nature. With the help of external practices we cannot transcend mind but with the help of yogic practices we can transcend mind. When we transcend mind then we experience the real and exact nature of the cosmic energy in the form of bright white light called as Pandurang. We can only experience this internally and not externally. The God with all His attributes is within us. He who surrenders to the competent spiritual master, the spiritual master transfers his powers by Shaktipat to that disciple. The disciple can become devotee by acquiring spiritual powers only.

Devotion means self-expansion, physical as well as spiritual development. If after devoting ourselves to the God we are not prospering in physical and spiritual growth, then it’s not devotion but it is mere puja only and he who performs puja is called as pujari. What do you want to become pujari or devotee? If you want to become pujari, you will end in chanting all the time but there is no guarantee that you will excel in materially and spiritually. Open your eyes and see around, people who have spent their entire life worshiping God are living miserably like beggar. From last five thousand years, we have created only beggars in this vast country. This is not spirituality, it’s just the exploitation by the priests of all religions.

In Mahabharata Lord Krishna did not asked Arjun to chant some mantra or to do some spiritual practice or to do havans or to fast. Instead He asked Arjun to awaken his soul energy. Once we awaken our soul energy, then there is nothing impossible for us in this world. Arjun accepted Krishna as his spiritual master. Krishna awakened Arjun’s soul energy by Shaktipat in the battlefield of Kurukshetra and Arjun became the hero of the Mahabharata war.

Life is a struggle, he who fights survives. He who do not fight waste his life miserably in some corner of the world. It is our ignorance that someone will come from heaven and will help us. No one comes like that and will not come in future also. In Gita Bhagwan says, we have to help ourselves. There is nothing free in this world, if you want to become big, you have to pay big amount. Lord Krishna asks Arjun, why he is behaving like a coward, jump into the battlefield, if you die you will become immortal and if you win you will become king of the Hasthinapur kingdom. If you are hero then arise and act like the hero. Spirituality teach us to act like hero. We were enslaved for thousands of years because we forgotten heroism.

No one informed you the power of the spirituality. No one taught you the spirituality. Five thousand years before one cow herd boy with His spiritual powers created Dwarka. A small Maharashtrian boy established kingdom of Hindus and became Chatrapati. Do you also want to establish your own empire? Do you want to acquire enormous power and infinite knowledge? Do you want to create your own home as heaven instead of going to heaven after death? Then accept spirituality. Remember to do spirituality means to awaken our dormant energy and to disclose our hidden treasure of six qualities of Godliness.

Modern science has proved that we are utilising only 3% of energy within our body, remaining 97% of energy is in dormant state. Competent spiritual master with his spiritual powers in the form of Shaktipat awakens this dormant energy. When this dormant power awakens then the disciple realises the internal energy called as Atman and then he started believing in his own internal energy and this helps him to increase his confidence. You neither purchase confidence in market place nor by reading books nor by searching on internet nor by any external means. The confidence is within us, it gets activated by Shaktipat. A man with full confidence can surely be successful in the world. He who wants to be successful, he who wants to climb the pinnacle of the progress, he whose dreams are big and wants to fulfil his dreams in this life, they should practice spirituality along with their material struggle.

Surrender to competent spiritual master, activate soul power by Shaktipat, accept spirituality as science, experiment it, develop yourself so strong that the god should come and fulfil your all desires.

|| Om Tat Sat, Om Tat Sat, Om Tat Sat ||