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Akshar Bramha Shaktipaat

My father used to sit for meditation every day and I also used to sit on his side. I used to close my eyes when my father was closing his eyes for his meditation. But as I was not aware what the meditation is, I used to open my eyes within few minutes. My father used to sit for meditation for very long hours. One day when he finished his meditation, I asked him to teach me meditation. He said that I am still young to learn meditation. I said Dhruva and Pralhad were also young when they were meditating. He said Dhruva and Pralhad had surrendered to the spiritual master. If you want to learn meditation you will also have to surrender to the spiritual master because only spiritual master’s grace can awaken our internal energy. I answered him that I have already accepted you as my spiritual master. My father told me that when the time is ripe only then I will be initiated. But to be able to do it, try to practice it with me every day. I used to sit by my father every day without fail. Several days passed like that.

Omkar Meditation Centre had organised special Kundalini energy awakening meditation camp on auspicious nine days of Navaratri. I attended this meditation camp and used to sit for meditation with my father. I practiced meditation for nine days. My father promised me that he will initiate me on the auspicious day of Dashahara. I became very happy because I had a lot of interest in meditation.

On the auspicious day of Dashahara, My Spiritual master who was also my father gave me Shaktipat initiation. I was five years old at that time. He asked me to sit in a comfortable position and to close my eyes. My spiritual master put his hand on my forehead. After some time my full body started vibrating. My body was covered with electric current. My breathing became very fast. My body was moving and jumping. Then I saw a point of light then I saw some types of chakras and of different colours like black, white, red, yellow, blue. Then after some time I was in a deep state of meditation. What I have experienced in that deep meditative state was supernatural, which was inconceivable and incredible. At the time of Shaktipat I realised that a huge flow of energy was entering into my body. I was completely immersed in bright light. The light was inside and outside, it was everywhere. My whole body was illumined by this light. I am telling you from my own experience that if you want to earn spiritual knowledge then you will have to surrender to the spiritual master who can transfer spiritual energy by Shaktipat. Devotion is not possible without power.