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On Sunday, 13th October 2013, after performing Aarti of Lord Shani, I started meditation with all other disciples. After meditation my Guru came to me and said to me that I have realised higher spiritual knowledge in a very young age, you are a born Mahayogi. Today I will introduce you to the profound principles of Vedas and Upanishad’s. I went closer to my guru. My Guru said, there are four principles of Vedas:

  • Ayamatma Brahma
  • Pradnyanam Brahma
  • Aham Bramhasmi
  • Tatvamasi

Ayamatma Brahma means the experience of my soul is the God. On the day I initiated you by divine Shaktipat, you have realised experience of this principle. Today I am going to introduce you to the most important principle of Veda, it is the Tatvamasi.

Tatvamasi means ‘Thou are that’. Brahma means the universal consciousness energy and you are that consciousness, Tatvamasi.

Our solar system consists several planets like earth. Many such solar systems are parts of our one galaxy. Our universe consists many such giant galaxies. And the God has created many such universes in His realm and that God is you, Tatvamasi.
That which is eternal, which is infinite, which is formless, who is ubiquitous, which is all pervasive, He who holds infinite energy and infinite matter of these infinite universes is the God, that God is you, Tatvamasi.

He who is holding the sky which is smaller than atom and bigger than the whole universe is you, Tatvamasi.

There are five basic elements like Earth, Water, Fire, Air, Sky and three basic qualities like Purity (Satvik), Passion (Rajsik) and Dullness (Tamsik) together these all form the entire universe called as Ashtdha Prakriti (universe with eight basic building blocks). Beyond this universe is the creator called as Purusha. The creator is in the form of symbol OM ॐ, and therefore the creator God called as Omkar, that Omkar is you, Tatvamasi.

The master imparts this universal Truth to the disciple, called as enlightenment, the Prabodha. He put his hand on my head. I closed the eyes. Suddenly I heard a celestial sound within, that sound engulfed my entire body. The divine sound was telling me that, SO HAM, SO HAM, SO HAM, I am that, I am that, I am that, which you are trying to search within, I am that ultimate God. I was in that state for quite a long time. My Guru awakened me from that blissful state. After I become normal, he asked me whether I was enlightened or not, I said yes, he smiled and asked me who am I? The divine sound which I heard in my meditation uttered unconsciously, SO HAM, SO HAM, SO HAM, I AM THAT, I AM THAT, I AM THAT.